International School Hannover Region, Hannover/Germany

The International School Hannover Region (ISHR) achieved at least 91,6 per cent of possible rating points in an audit in December 2016 and therefor is a fair employer.

Stephan Handwerker and Rachel Hovington, directors of International School Hannover Region, are happy for their school to be awarded with the Work Life Plus seal as a fair employer by Sebastian Baacke (left).

Some impressions of International School Hannover Region

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Bruchmeisterallee 6, 30169 Hannover
Tel.: 0511 270 416 50

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The International School Hannover Region (ISHR), which was founded in 1996 by renowned companies in the Hannover area, quickly developed into a great success story and is today an important location factor for the Hannover Region. ISHR offers lessons in English to students starting at the age of 3 in Kindergarten, up to grade 12, culminating in the International Baccalaureate (IB), which enables students to attend universities worldwide. Due to the small classes, differentiated learning is practised, which helps students to reach their full individual potential.

Apart from children of specialists and managers from abroad, many students from German families also attend the school because the curriculum of the IB, in addition to teaching the contents of the subjects, puts a strong focus on developing the increasingly important qualities of intercultural competence and social intelligence in our students.

Following the motto „Educating world citizens“, today more than 600 students from over 60 different nations receive a first class international education at ISHR.


Learn more about the International School Hannover Region being a fair employer:

The International School Hannover Region (ISHR) achieved 705, thus 91,6 per cent of possible rating points. Hence ISHR is a fair employer.

Thereof regular points: 595

Bonus points: 65

Conditional points: 45 (these are points depending on special industries or work sectors)

The conditions of social rooms are in compliance with German employment legislation

and the main teachers‘ lounge – in contrast to other schools – is without a doubt furnished to rest and relax. A dishwasher, a refrigerator and microwave ovens are provided. Some of these can also be found in the other faculty rooms: 20 rating points

Teachers are provided with showers for their own use: 25 conditional rating points

The teacher’s lounge offers a comfortable couch suite for recreational use, and journals/magazines are displayed. Also the library with its rich supply of literature may be used by the teachers: 5 points

All faculty and non-faculty staff can take the break times according to German law.

Any faculty work is based on job descriptions: 10 rating points

The employer provides all material that is necessary for health and safety at work (for example for chemistry lessons).

Periodic occupational health checks take place and the employees receive regularly training in work safety measures.

The employer trains the by law demanded number of employees in first aid.

Additionally further employees are trained in first aid, namely 100 per cent in total: 20 points

In case of illness, employees continue to receive full payment, of course.

The employer subsidizes the purchase of glasses with 70,- Euros: 10 rating points

On equiping the workplaces the employer observes aspects of health and ergonomics: 20 rating points
Especially wishes of the employees are considered in furnishing the rooms.

Of course payment is significantly above minimum wage

Please note:

FairnessRatings does not wish to intervene in the tariff authority of the social partners. This is why this part of our rating only requires minimum standards, which a fair employer may not fall below.

However, an employer can receive bonus points if he pays above the national standard. Unfortunately, there is no such standard for private schools.

The International School provides the employees with an environment enabling them to further develop themselves and their skills: 25 rating points

The employer supports external professional development: 10 points

Employees are granted free time for external professional development: 10 points

The employer supports guidance on social and financial issues: 10 rating points
Especially for teachers there is a vast (and necessary) offer of guidance on issues such as support in visa-affairs, relocation and house hunting, tax and social insurance issues, child allowance and customs issues.

Starting in 2017, routine appraisal interviews will also be held for administrative staff: 25 points

The employer and faculty staff cooperate in career planning: 10 points

Employees are able to develop their careers by further education and their own performance:
15 points

After parental leave, employees can go back to their former jobs/positions without any problem: 15 bonus points

The Works Council (Betriebsrat) and the employees have influence on the development of the International School: 25 points

The employees are able to actively organize their work spaces. Faculty members are included into the decisions about the equipment of the rooms. Non faculty employees have much freedom to organize their own work processes: 20 points

The International School employs four counselors not only for students to consult, but also for other employees to provide initial help with private or professional problems: 10 points

Naturally there is only a limited flexibility for teachers to influence their working hours. However the non-faculty employees have a trust-based work time and therefore they have significant influence on their schedules:
15 points

At least twice a year the International School invites the employees to common leisure activities and events: 15 points and 10 bonus points

Based upon bonus points the ISHR achieves more than 100 per cent in this part of the rating.

The employer complies with his fiduciary duty and the legally fixed maximum working hours are not exceeded.

Working hours and timetables are usually (>90 per cent) bindingly fixed 28 days in advance: 25 points

Overtime is generally compensated with free time and only in exceptional cases paid: 30 points

It is possible to organize working time flexibly: 20 points

Teachers work on the base of a flextime wage record. Non-faculty employees‘ work time is trust-based and thus they have the possibility to organize their work times flexibly.

 Employees may use the statutory number of free days to take care of family members at home.

For taking care of their children and/or partners at home, employees may take more than the statutory number of free days: 20 points
In addition to this, employees are not required to produce a doctor’s note on the first day of their child’s sickness.

In cases where employees are taking care of their sick children at home, their pay continues for more than the statutory number of free days: 10 bonus points.

Employees’ children may attend the school’s own kindergarten free of charge: 25 points
In addition, employees can send their children to the International School without school fees being charged. Employees only pay the taxable benefit on the fees.

Employees who are either on parental leave, caring for sick family members or who, for any other personal reasons, are not able to work are still informed about company matters and are invited to social activities: 10 conditional points.

Employees are granted the opportunity to perform a part of their work from home: 10 conditional points

The employer guarantees that the employees are not required to be reachable in their free time: 25 points

Within the last five years no employment contracts have been terminated due to business related redundancies: 45 points

In the company repeated limited contracts – also with regularly project-based employments – do not occur : 40 points

At least 85 per cent of all employees do not have limited contracts: 35 rating points

The company contributes 70,- Euros per month to the company pension scheme for employees: 35 points

The International School offers tax-free compensation to employees for capital accumulation purposes: 20 rating points

The company subsidizes the travel to work by offering a job ticket, which allows the use of local public transport: 15 points

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